If I were asked why I participate in the « 24H of Tremblant », I could very well go with this all made up answer : « to help juvenile cancer, which is so unfair to kids who should have all their life in front of them ». Boring huh?

When you think about it, it’s true. That IS the reason why I got involved in the 24H of Tremblant. But twelve hours of walk (what I plan to do this December) won’t change a darn thing, that is MY challenge. Not yours, not the one of that little girl that is the inspiration of my team. But the money I ask for… That I as YOU to give, THAT could make a difference. On long term and short term.

That money will be used to give them a better life, better treatments, it will help families with limited resources come in Montreal so their beloved kids can receive treatments, it will help buy goods and commodities for them, games, coloring books… more and more and more. Do you remember when you were a kid and you would run around in the streets, chasing butterflies or running a bicycle, racing the wind? For many of them, that is impossible. THEY ride a bicycle within the walls of an hospital with mom or dad chasing them with their solute pole. My 24H, I do it for them.

Last spring I’ve spent a few hours at St-Justine hospital with a group of participants who share my objective. I have seen those kids smiles when we brought them coloring books and other gifts. I also felt a sharp pain through my heart when we were explained what they have to endure on a regular basis. Treatments that no one deserves to endure… Then again…

I participate in the 24H of Tremblant so one day kids don’t have to go through this and live their kid life, their imaginary world unaffected but that unbearable scent of the hospital’s chems

Thanks for supporting me! (follow the link if you will… It’s HERE!!!!!!!!)